john of salisbury (policraticus) wrote,
john of salisbury

I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes...

Excerpt of an interview with Justin Sane, lead singer of Anti-Flag, who is also an authority on international relations. Found posted on the _radaware_ forum.

"JS: Well, I think a military action can be justified when it’s actually a unilateral thing, when it’s unilaterally agreed that major human rights have been taken away from someone, or someone is being hurt. Or, possibly a military action could be justified with some kind of third-world disaster or something like that. But, the George Bush war was not unilaterally agreed upon. Many nations didn’t support it and much of the public of many nations, including the United States didn’t support it. So, a coalition of the willing is not a coalition of the world."

Is this why no one takes these protesters seriously, or is it the giant puppets?
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